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Places Like Rent A Center: The Ultimate Guide to Affordable Rental Options


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Places Like Rent A Center. If you're in need of affordable rental options for furniture, electronics, appliances, or other household items, you've come to the right place. Rent A Center has been a popular choice for many people, but it's always good to explore alternatives that might better suit your needs and budget. In this article, we'll take a closer look at various places similar to Rent A Center, providing you with a range of options to consider. Whether you're looking for flexibility, lower prices, or a wider selection, we've got you covered. Let's dive in!

1. Aaron's

Aaron's is a well-known rental store that offers a wide range of furniture, electronics, appliances, and more. With over 1,800 locations across the United States, Aaron's provides affordable rental solutions with flexible payment options. Whether you need to furnish your new home or upgrade your TV, Aaron's has you covered. Their lease-to-own model allows you to make weekly or monthly payments until you own the item outright. This can be a great option if you're looking for long-term rentals with the possibility of ownership.

2. Buddy's Home Furnishings

Buddy's Home Furnishings is another popular choice for affordable rentals. With a wide selection of furniture, appliances, and electronics, Buddy's offers flexible payment options and lease-to-own plans. They have a presence in over 300 locations across the United States, making it easy to find a store near you. Buddy's also provides free delivery and setup, making the rental process hassle-free. If you're in search of a place like Rent A Center, Buddy's Home Furnishings is worth considering.

3. FlexShopper

FlexShopper is an online platform that allows you to lease a variety of items, including furniture, electronics, appliances, and more. Their lease-to-own program gives you the option to buy the rented item at any time, providing flexibility and convenience. FlexShopper offers a simple application process, and you can get approved even with less-than-perfect credit. With a vast selection of products and competitive pricing, FlexShopper is a fantastic alternative to Rent A Center.

4. CORT Furniture Rental

If you're looking for furniture rentals specifically, CORT Furniture Rental is a top choice. They offer stylish and high-quality furniture for both residential and office needs. With flexible lease terms and a range of rental packages, CORT makes it easy to furnish your space without breaking the bank. They have nationwide coverage and provide delivery, setup, and pickup services. Whether you need furniture for a short-term stay or a long-term rental, CORT Furniture Rental has you covered.

5. Home Choice

Home Choice is a rent-to-own retailer that offers furniture, appliances, electronics, and more. With affordable weekly or monthly payments, Home Choice allows you to lease items until you own them. They have a wide selection of products to choose from, and their flexible payment options make it easier to budget. Home Choice also provides delivery and setup services, ensuring a seamless rental experience. If you're looking for a place similar to Rent A Center, Home Choice is worth considering.

6. Conns

Conns is a retail store that offers a range of products, including furniture, appliances, electronics, and more. While Conns is primarily a retail store, they also provide flexible lease-to-own options for their products. This allows you to rent items with the possibility of ownership in the future. Conns has both physical stores and an online presence, making it convenient to browse and shop for your rental needs. If you're looking for a place like Rent A Center with a mix of retail and rental options, Conns is a great choice.

Subheading Section: What to Consider When Choosing a Rental Store

1. Pricing and Payment Options

One of the essential factors to consider when choosing a rental store is pricing. Compare the prices of different stores to ensure you're getting the best deal. Additionally, look for flexible payment options that fit your budget. Some stores offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment plans, allowing you to choose what works best for you.

2. Product Selection

Another crucial aspect to consider is the range of products available. Look for a rental store that offers a wide selection of items to choose from. This ensures that you can find what you need, whether it's furniture, electronics, appliances, or other household items. A diverse product selection gives you more options to suit your preferences and style.

3. Lease Terms and Ownership Options

Review the lease terms and ownership options offered by different rental stores. Some stores allow you to lease items with the possibility of ownership in the future. This can be a great option if you're looking for long-term rentals and want the flexibility to own the item eventually. Consider your preferences and choose a store that aligns with your goals.

4. Customer Service and Support

Customer service is vital when it comes to rental stores. Look for stores that prioritize customer satisfaction and provide excellent support. This includes timely delivery and setup services, responsive customer service representatives, and hassle-free returns or exchanges. Reading customer reviews can give you insights into the quality of customer service offered by different rental stores.

5. Reputation and Trustworthiness

Consider the reputation and trustworthiness of the rental store before making a decision. Look for stores with positive reviews and a good track record. You want to ensure that the store has a reliable and trustworthy reputation, as you'll be entering into a financial agreement with them. Research the store's history and check if they have any accreditations or certifications that demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Subheading Section: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I own the rented item from these rental stores?

Yes, some rental stores offer lease-to-own options, allowing you to own the item after making rental payments for a certain period. Stores like Aaron's, Buddy's Home Furnishings, FlexShopper, and Home Choice provide lease-to-own programs.

2. Can I rent from these stores with bad credit?

Yes, some rental stores have flexible approval processes, even if you have bad credit. FlexShopper, for example, considers applicants with less-than-perfect credit. It's always best to check with the specific rental store for their credit requirements.

3. Do these rental stores offer delivery and setup services?

Yes, most rental stores offer delivery and setup services to ensure a hassle-free rental experience. Buddy's Home Furnishings, CORT Furniture Rental, Home Choice, and many others provide these services to make the process more convenient for you.

4. Are there any additional fees or hidden charges?

It's important to review the terms and conditions of each rental store to understand any additional fees or charges. Some stores may have fees for delivery, setup, or late payments. Make sure to clarify these details before finalizing your rental agreement.

5. Can I return or exchange the rented item?

Most rental stores have return or exchange policies in place. If you're not satisfied with the rented item or need a different product, reach out to the store's customer service to discuss your options. Each store may have specific guidelines regarding returns and exchanges.

6. How do I find a rental store near me?

You can use online directories, such as Yelp or Google Maps, to find rental stores near your location. Additionally, you can visit the websites of the rental stores mentioned in this article to check if they have a store locator feature.


When it comes to finding affordable rental options, exploring places like Rent A Center can provide you with more choices and flexibility. Aaron's, Buddy's Home Furnishings, FlexShopper, CORT Furniture Rental, Home Choice, and Conns are just a few of the many alternatives available. Consider your budget, preferences, and specific needs when choosing a rental store. Don't forget to review pricing, payment options, product selection, lease terms, customer service, and the store's reputation. With the right rental store, you can enjoy the convenience of renting while staying within your budget. Happy renting!

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